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    12 years of brand precipitation
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    Complete qualification
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    Stable quality and leading technology
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    High quality hazardous chemicals packaging raw materials
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    One stop hazardous chemicals package service
    Industry leading
    Specializing in the production and supply of complete sets of dangerous goods for international import and export, it has become the core of the enterprise with the integration of raw material performance data, quality and appearance visualization, product specification standardization and industry standardization.
    Enterprise qualification
    It has the qualification of international dangerous package import and export production code, recognized and licensed by the national customs, enterprise free trade import and export, foreign exchange transaction and international quality system certification.
    Top design
    It has international avant-garde design level, cutting-edge top design team, distinctive design theory and distinctive product image value.
    Quality assurance
    It has advanced and perfect production facilities, standard testing facilities, performance data control and standard production process.
    One stop service
    Top design, performance testing, standard production, data control, product certification, document service, customs commodity inspection.

About Us

About us


Our group was established in 2009 and is a production and supply enterprise for import and export packaging of dangerous goods. We are a manufacturer of international safety transportation supporting equipment for dangerous goods and an international research and development and production enterprise for industrial fire retardant packaging materials. The international production codes for dangerous goods are C520121, C520166, the Chinese customs code is 4419960XX7, and the inspection and quarantine record number is 5654400242. The well-known brand trademark for independent innovation of the enterprise is Hongyuan Weibao. Our company is a one-stop production and supply service enterprise with independent products: research and development design, performance testing, production supply, and customs documentation services. Mainly s
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Custom Case

Customer satisfaction is our biggest driving force

Six Advantage

01 Leading quality and complete qualification

It has the international top design team and the international import and export of dangerous goods and the production qualification of dangerous packages.

02 Quality assurance, Seiko production

International standard test data system to standardize standard production process control.

03 Specifications, standards and appearance value

Standard product specifications, accurate data control and reasonable appearance correction create the endorsement of the industry.

04 Precision facilities, top team

It has advanced automatic production equipment and international top raw material strategic team.

05 Cutting edge team, integrated services

It has a top talent team and integrated high-quality service.

06 Pursuit of perfection and industry model

Appearance details, image, standards rely on data, and products rely on value to create industry standards.

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